My favorite family traditions are when we all get together for Thanksgiving, Christmas, The Fourth of July, and when we vacation at the beach.

Thanksgiving is when we go so far back into the generation with my Great great grandfather. He has passed on now, and all of his daughters except for one.

for Christmas it’s a more intimate setting. It’s my mom, my aunt, her daughter, and my siblings and our children. it is not about gifts. We eat play games, and just enjoy being in each other’s presence.

The Fourth of July is when we meet at my dad’s house and all of my siblings from my mom and my dad’s side get together. Some of my cousins are there from dad’s side and my aunts and uncles. That is a good time as well. We eat, drink, listen to music, and dance. We don’t see each other often, but it is always a good time.

Vacation at the beach is in June or August. It used to be a time for me and my children to go and enjoy. My oldest son doesn’t go anymore, and my middle son passed away in 2019. I miss him so much. my mom usually goes with us. This year it was me, my mom, and my niece and nephew. My daughter, my sister, and her husband came later. It was a short trip, but this year i expect to stay there for one week at least.