When The Time Is Right

Sometimes we can get in a hurry to achieve success. There is a process in everything we do. Sometimes we get eager to get to the next level so we get excited. Sometimes excitement can cause us to move too fast. I was guilty of that. My mindset was that if I paid people they would do right by me. Then I took it a step further to give the business to people I knew. I thought that would be a for sure way to be done right. That is so far from the truth. I have spent sooo much money. Wasted so much money is a better way to describe it. I wish I would have had this epiphany before I spent tons of money. My advice to myself and anyone else who’s trying to give your dreams life… Take your time. You may realize that you can make that website, that logo, those business cards, that banner, be your own photographer, upload that ebook all on your own. Once you start earning a sturdy income, you can start hiring people slowly. YouTube has all the information and resources to help you. I had to learn that until I reached a certain level of success that it has to be all me doing the work. Even though I lost a lot; I am thankful for that experience, because it has gotten me to this point. I have the confidence I need to do this on my own. I realize that no one is going to be as passionate about my dreams more than I am. My time has come, and I have the mindset I need to push forward to achieve my goals! God’s Timing is The Best Timing.

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