I Love it here

I started this website years ago. I didn’t do anything with it for years!! I was literally just paying money to have a domain. I guess you can say I had the vision, but I just did not know what to do with it! I know that I love writing. I published two books, but I was not fulfilled. I wanted to write something everyday and publish it everyday. I also knew that traditional social media was not the way to go. The people there are different. They don’t like to write like bloggers do!! I didn’t want gather up the information and wait to put it into a book. But I did want to get my story out there in hopes of helping others. I started YouTubing blogging and I ran across a blogger that showed me step by step on what to do. When she said you have to have your own website…. I Got Sooo Excited!! I followed the step by step instructions!! There it is I have it!! I’m here!! My website has a purpose now! I am very excited to engage with fellow bloggers that feel the same way I do! My writing niche has been fulfilled!! I Love It Here!!