8 Pillars of living a balanced life.

When you think about living a balanced life, it almost seems impossible. Simply because life can often through curve balls that will knock you off balance.

1.Mental Health: making sure you obtain a healthy mindset.. thinking positive and rejecting negativity.

2. Physical Health: make time to take care of your body. we all know that is through a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and proper sleep. Our body is our temple.

3: Emotional Wellness: we must understand how thoughts and feelings affect us. those two things alone affect how motivated we are and what actions we take. When we are In-tune with our emotions, we have a tendency to control them better.

4: Spiritual: this is about personal growth. Spirituality allows us to seek meaning, value, and the purpose of our life. Living by your own personal set of morals and values so that you can obtain that inner peace and live every day to the fullest.

5: Social: this is about having healthy relationships. Connecting with others, and being surrounded by people who are supportive and positive.

6: Environmental: this involves your environment and respecting the environment around you. Your environment has a direct impact on your mindset, creativity, and productivity.

7: Financial: Your personal relationship with money. Learning how to manage finances to avoid financial stress. Finances are the biggest source of stress among a lot of people. It is very important to take care of this area of life because it effects your mind and quality of life.

8: Occupational: this is all about work. the harder you work when you are younger allows you to enjoy the benefits later in life. Here you create a healthier balance between work and life. Whether you have a job/career or own your own business. It’s all about building your own financial stability so that you are satisfied with the work you do.