My Dream Home

Write about your dream home.

I have had the dreams of living in a big house my whole life. I initially wanted to have this home in my younger years. My bad decisions through life kind of set me back on that. I had children at an early age, and I was not financially stable. So being a divorced and having to raise three children had me living from check to check.

When my kids become grownups and moved out. I started to get the mindset of just getting a little cottage since it was just me. When my children moved out, and I lost my son to a brain tumor. I decided that I wanted something new. I finally wanted to do something for myself. I moved away from my hometown, and all that I knew. I left my job of 22 years and started over. I said all that to say this.. my dream of having a big house came back. I don’t have it yet, but it’s coming!!

My dream home will have many acres of land. I want to grow my own fresh vegetables. My dream home will be big enough for me to entertain my family when they visit. They will not have to worry about staying in hotels.

My dream home is hard to explain, but I see it. The main attractions for me will be a huge living room with a fire place. Extravagant Walk in showers, huge bath tubs with jets installed. Huge kitchen with a stand alone island. I want a basement. I want a tennis court, swimming pool, walking track, and a jacuzzi on the property. I want the picket fence surrounding my property. Those are just a few of the amenities that I want.

I am so appreciative of where I am right now in life, but there is definitely more for me! Dream Home Loading …………