The Calmness From Within

Today has been a great day! Sometimes the challenges that we face in life have the tendency to disrupt the calmness within us. Recently I had the ability to release some people from my life. As I lay here right now I feel soooo peaceful in this very moment. I did not have to leave my house to fulfill no one else’s needs. It was all about me. I literally feel the peace that matches the peace and calmness that describes my character! I haven’t been in this space in a long time! I’m so grateful for this moment. I am so grateful that this moment did not pass me by. To top it off I feel like writing. I got a chance to ride my bike again! This is the third day. And I have been reading books all day!!! Something that I love to do!! “Finding Me” by Viola Davis is a must read!!

That calmness that flows through out my body is still here!! I am over joyed!!

I will share my book of choice tomorrow! Have a good night everyone!