Selfless By Default

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

Definitely Selfless

I am that person you see with a smile at all times. I love to treat people the way I want to be treated. I am selfless. I will give until I can’t give anymore. That has caused me to experience a lot of hurt. I am glad to say that I get it now. I came out of the womb being selfless. When I began having children in my early 20’s, my second baby was so easy going. I birthed my twin. He was very easy to take care of. When he turned 5 he started to lose his eyesight. That led to many doctor’s appointments. Traveling a lot to get him the care that he needed. Eventually, we ended up at the Childrens hospital in Memphis Tennesse. He went through several brain surgeries, and we ended up being assigned to St. Jude hospital. It was 17 years of going to appointments every three months or having to stay in the hospital for weeks or months. I never wished that I was anywhere else. Because my son needed me. I had to put myself last at all times. During this time, I was unknowingly being trained to be more selfless than I already was. My son passed away in 2019. He was my shadow. After he passed away it took me a minute to get my barring’s (GATHER MYSELF). I gained a lot of fight during this time, but I still was this selfless individual. Trying to help people that were going through things. I lost a lot of money in this process. I began to realize that over the course of time, I have been trying to fill this void I have since my son passed. I had to learn that the void I feel will never go away. No one can fill my son’s shoes. I soon learned that people were not in my life for me. They were there to see the outcome with my child. As soon as he passed away the crowd thinned all the way out. I also learned that it does not matter what you are going through mean people will still take advantage of you. I am still that selfless person. But I am very cautious about who I give that energy to.