My approach to Budgeting

Write about your approach to budgeting.

I have not been good at budgeting in the past. I started having children when I was 21. I was fresh out of my mom’s house, didn’t have any savings, and Life start happening. I got married at 19 first of all. My job wasn’t enough to take care of my family. And my husband at the time was just a ride along truck driver. We got divorced after 4 years of marriage, and I became a single mom at 24. I couldn’t even afford to save money. That was a bad situation to be in, and it stayed that way. Now that my kids are grown I finally have a chance.

I am having to teach myself how to budget after being reckless in my finances for years. I literally didn’t know how to budget. I started taking bits and pieces of information from my mom and aunt. It has not been an easy task, but I finally get it.

My approach to budgeting is giving myself an allowance from every paycheck. If I spend over that amount tough cookies for me.

I also make it a goal to have some of that allowance in the form of cash left over when I get my next check. I take what’s left and deposit it into an account separate from any of my other money. I don’t put it into my savings, and I don’t have a card that I swipe.

I am also exploring multiple streams of income. I was taught that you have to do one thing and be good at it in order to succeed. Now I know That’s not true!

I’m excited about my future and thankful that I have gotten to this point in my life.