The Best Gift

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

The best gift that I have ever received is being able to stand by my son’s side for all 24 years of his life. In that experience I received and gave unconditional love. He taught me so much in the short 24 years he was on this earth. I gained strength, wisdom, knowledge, patience, and courage.

I embodied the strength that could stand no matter what the circumstance.

The wisdom that allowed me to know that nothing came before my child’s health.

The knowledge to learn the functions of endocrine system. Which left the doctors asking my advice on my son’s unique situation.

The patience to sit for hours on top of hours for the benefits of my son’s health.

And most of all the courage to stay by my son’s side in his final stages of life when modern medicine failed. I was in fight or flight mode and didn’t even realize it.

My son taught me what a real hug really means. He told me when he hugged me it felt warm and snuggly. When he brought that to my attention I realized that I was feeling the same thing. #LoveWithoutCondition