When motivation goes away discipline kicks in.

When I started this blogging journey my motivation was through the roof. I love to write down my thoughts. I started researching blogging and I already had a domain so I thought to myself why not give it a try. I had no clue how to blog. And end em now that I am 29 days into it I have an idea of what it’s about. I am kinda certain that I’m not following the steps perfectly. At the same time blogging is just a insight to what I’m thinking. I love this community!

I have realized that when I’m not in my element that it is kinda hard to keep up with the blog posts. I then began to think that I was becoming less motivated to blog, because it seems hard to get the post out there when I’m not at home. I realized I am still motivated, but I am more so dedicated to it now. This is where my discipline kicks in. I am going to have to plan ahead. Maybe create a few blog post ahead of time when I know that I will be out of town or on the go. Same thing with my Podcast. I have not posted a podcast to my podcast webpage in two days. I’m going to plan and pre-record the podcast also. If you would like to listen you can go to the link listed below. Thank you in advance. These days have went by fast, and I am in such a peaceful place since I started blogging. This is exactly where I want to be!