Losing Battles

There is a such thing as fighting losing battles. When you have people that so are determined to hurt you that they can wait years is an automatic indication that they have a problem within themselves. If you can wait years to try and destroy a person’s character or reputation you are a sick individual. I have been fighting a losing battle for 29 or 30 years. I have walked into rooms with people that have been close in my circle and watch them distance themselves from me off of what someone has said. And 31 years later they still do it. I have not done anything to them. I have saw a lot and I have been quiet about a lot of things. And I’m still going to be quiet. Because no one I mean no one can make me feel no kind of way about anything. There is not one person on this earth that can judge nobody. Young women… guard your heart. Do not put your all into no one. Get you and education before you even think about giving your attention to a man. If you don’t like being in the home with your parents tough it out if you are not in an abusive environment. Get all the knowledge, experience, and financial stability while you have noooooo responsibilities. Stop trying to be grown Stop this generational madness!! If you know you are not cleaning your room or cleaning up behind yourself… you better start to do it. Again I suggest if the living situation is toxic find you a roommate that has the same ambitions as you. Do not move in with a man. And don’t give your body to him. Because he probably got more than just your body. And he probably spreading something. You’re main focus in your 20’s should be building yourself!! I am soooo thankful for this stage in my life because now I have the ability and confidence and power to walk away. And verbally express myself when I need to. I have been closed off for so long in fear of what other’s thought of me when I could literally see it. I have broke bread with people that I knew didn’t give a darn about me. Because I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. I am soooo focused on preventing my daughter from dealing with what I have gone through. I don’t avoid any conversations with her. We talk about it all. I make it clear to her that I don’t care what it is come to me. Even when she try to keep it from me I call her in the mists of her breaking down. And because of the bond we have she has no choice but to tell me. When I tell you that I have created a twin telepathy with this child. I love our connection. And I know that she is not going to tell me everything, but I want her to tell me the important things so that I can help her through the process. The title of this post is losing battles. Stop using your energy to fight losing battles. Know your place in people’s lives and move accordingly. I am always going to be a nice, caring, and loving person…. That’s by default. But what I am not going to do is chase behind no one that doesn’t want to be caught. I’m not going to chase behind no one that can sit and listen to someone that can openly bash and try to destroy my character. I am not going to participate in anything that I am not comfortable in doing. You can not hurt someone that doesn’t bother no one, or make themselves available to be hurt. I pray for everyone that has ever been in a situation where you have literally had to walk away from someone that you birthed. I was there alone to raise a monster. And I know that I did my part. Because today I am still trying to recover from giving until it literally hurt. I now have to train myself on how to take care of me. I have a good plan of action and I am solely focused on bringing it into reality. Manifestation is real! Love yourself and get all that you desire and deserve. I know there are more of you out there just like me. And I pray that you find your peace. I have finally finally found mine. Like they say what is for you is for you… I don’t care how many years it takes. Just go through the process! You Will Get There! Let Love In! Love yourself!! Tune into my podcast because there I am teaching myself and hopefully helping someone else to learn how to love yourself and Let Love in!! Do not look for that love in other’s. Broken but not defeated or destroyed! I have the power within me to over come anything. I lost one son to a brain tumor, and I lost one to the evilness that was implanted in him when he was a kid by his father that did not take anything to do with him. And when he did he spent hour’s bashing me. Do you know how hard it is to raise a rebellious kid. Do you know how hard it is to have people not babysit any of your children while you work because one of them was so rebellious. I have kept quiet for so many years. I am so ok right now. I raised him and spent all my hard earned money on him. But you know what…. You two can finally be together. I am free of this chaos! It took years but I am here!!! Again tune into my podcast and begin to love yourself by letting love in!! The link is below.


Let Love In!!

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